About us

Lety company is a professional leading medical supplier in China. Most of our products are approved by FDA, CE, ISO13485, ISO9001 certificate. We are devoted to providing a one-step sales model to the customer.

We own a professional team with a wide range of product and sales experiences.

We pay significant attention to customer care and satisfaction and help customers realize one-stop purchasing.

Our vision is to provide world-class products and services, to improve worldwide health-care systems level.


Why choose Lety?

1.we has supplied all range of medical equipment to more than 80 hospitals and clinic all over the world.

2. We can provide various choice according to your requirements

3. We can provide the most competitive price

4. We can provide fast delivery

5. We provide the best professional after-sell service


Welcome to contact us for business cooperation and discussion. 




Phone: +86 13802725767

Email: sales@letymedical.com

Add: A477/2F No.38 Industrial Zone, Shengtang Street, Cencun, TianHe District, Guangzhou

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