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  • Semi Automated Plate Sealer
Semi Automated Plate Sealer

Semi Automated Plate Sealer

  • Semi Automated Plate Sealer
  • Plate Sealer
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  • Automated Plate Sealer
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LTL-Bio-2 Semi Automated Plate Sealer

LTL-Bio-2 plate sealer is a semi-automatic thermal sealer which is ideal for the low to medium throughput laboratory that requires uniform and consistent sealing of micro-plates. Unlike manual plate sealer, the LTL-Bio-2produces repeatable plate seals. With variable temperature and time settings, sealing conditions are easily optimised to guarantee consistent result, eliminating sample loss. The LTL-Bio-2 can be applied in product quality control of many manufacture enterprises such as plastic film, food, medical, inspection institute, scholastic scientific research and teaching experiment. Offering complete versatility, the LTL-Bio-2 will accept a full range of plates for PCR, assay or storage applications.




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