Veterinary Ultrasound

  • Veterinary B Mode Ultrasound Scanner LT-5200
Veterinary B Mode Ultrasound Scanner LT-5200

Veterinary B Mode Ultrasound Scanner LT-5200


• Wrist design, multiple patents in one, smart and light, convenient for carrying, easier for examining patients at home.
• 5.7" high resolution color LCD, high brightness, high contrast, wide visual, image clear and exquisite.
• Menu operation,Language: Chinese/English.
• 100 frames permanent storage, 256 frames cine loop.
• Eight pseudo colors (incl.B/W).
• High speed USB port support high-capacity U disk, and support the color laser printer print out all kinds of images and reports which make the output of diagnosis more convenient and simple.
• Dual-mode TV output:PAL/NTSC, connecting to video recorder and ultrasonic working station. 
• Optional mouse to operate easier.
• Freeze or unfreeze image by shutter release.
• Adopted AC and DC to supply power, equipped with two pcs of high-capacity lithium batteries which can make machine work more than 200 minutes.

5.7" High resolution color LCD High-capacity Li-battery, 
Working time ≥ 360mins
Smart and light
Backfat inspection Main unit splash-proof, dust-proof function Eight pseudo colors (incl.B/W).





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