• Digital Electronic Colposcope LT-9100C
Digital Electronic Colposcope LT-9100C

Digital Electronic Colposcope LT-9100C

LT-9100C Digital Electronic Colposcope



Main features:


1)  Imported color digital CCD camera system, 1-128-fold zoom lens infinitely adjustable, easy to implement image zoom in and out, to provide high-resolution images, easy operation and quick.

2) High bright white LED light, brightness uniformity, bright colors than traditional halogen light source brightness and color temperature increased by more than 60%, life expectancy up to 100,000 hours, the color reproduction of the real organization.

3) Specially designed video spot filtering technology to make the image clearer, easier to display the subcutaneous vascular morphology identify the small details.

4) Open an auxiliary treatment specialist thesaurus, easy to edit reports, easy to operate.

5) Provides a common clinical cases, to facilitate comparison doctors diagnose.

6) With a set of image capture, freeze, delete, display, processing, reporting, printing, storage capabilities and the integration of English operating system.

7) The results support the diagnosis of English report output and true color image output.

8) Enhance the image can be displayed in many ways, the dimension text message, measure length, perimeter and area.

9) With video and movie playback

10) Quick query and statistical functions cases


Optional: hysteroscopy software processing system, consisting of colposcopy / hysteroscopy Diagnoses

With fluorescence system



Technical indicators:


1) Lens Resolution 1/4” Sony color CCD, 800,000 pixels

2) More than 500 lines of horizontal resolution camera

3) SNR 50db Lens

4) Lens focusing distance support standard 100 ~ 400mm 10 ~ 1000mm

5) Lens Minimum illumination 0.15Lus

6) 1 - 128 Zoom Lens

7) Lens Video Output Interface Video S-video PAL format

8) Quick Auto Focus Lens Focus / Manual Focus

9) Lens White Balance AWB way internal metering


10) Lens LED ring light source type gallium arsenide photphide high brightness, long life light source group ( average life of 100,000 hours )

11) Lens Video Output System PAL format , VBS- standard 1.0vp-p

12) AE Control Auto / Manual / brightness / EV compensation / backlight compensation

13) There are a variety of digital effects image processing effects pictures

14) Image display "19" color high-resolution display

15) Image acquisition mode mouse

16) To support true color image printing printing inkjet paper and photo paper

17) Image storage capacity of 1 million or more

18) Peak wavelength of the fluorescence excitation light source : 365nm

19) Excitation light power : 4mw

20) Excitation light irradiation intensity : 1mv / c

Transmission fiber length : 1400mm, φ6mm


Optional hysteroscopy treatment system consisting of colposcopy / hysteroscopy Diagnoses.




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