ENT Unit

  • E.N.T. Diagnostic Unit LT-ENT1000
  • E.N.T. Diagnostic Unit LT-ENT1000
E.N.T. Diagnostic Unit LT-ENT1000E.N.T. Diagnostic Unit LT-ENT1000

E.N.T. Diagnostic Unit LT-ENT1000

E.N.T. Diagnostic Unit

Model: LT-ENT1000


Standard allocation list:

Facula-gathering Illuminating light: 1 set

Spray gun (Unbent 2 & bent 1):  3 sets

Suction gun:  1 set

Air cleaner: 1 set

Pre-heater:  1 set

Big instrument tray:  6 sets

Waste tank: 1 set

Instrument placed box: 1 set

Constant temperature ear rinsing system : 1 set

LCD intelligent control system: 1 set

Cotton cup: 1 set

Medical vessel: 3 sets

Luxury doctor stool:  1 set

Vaccum pump: 1 set

Compressor: 1 set

Standard patient chair 1 set



1. main table (SIZE: 1390x620x925mm)

2. 2 instrument trays ( size: 535x306x55mm)

3. table for writing, size( 516x524x835mm) (option)

4. 3 spray gun (2 unbent&1 bent) world class manufacturing processes to ensure that the spray fine, no drip, no congestion( option)

5. 1 set suction 0-740mmHg, adjustable suction, anti-reflux device, security,with two set suction pipe(dia 3mm) and three set dia 2.5mm pipe

6. 1 set of temperature rinsing system ( 1 rinsing gun, 1 water container, 1 constant hitter, 2 cups)

7. 1 set of gas supply system

8. 3 disinfected glass trays

9 1 set of built-in main and secondary contaminated bottle, compliance with international environmental philosophy, volume: 2500ml, vice one 500ml

10.. one set of illuminating light with three levels of dimming,12V 50W, with facula gathering cold light and a thermal insulation device.

11. 1 set of indirect mirror heater 450W, can be adjustable within 3-20 seconds, full computer controller.

12. 2 stainless steel built-in tanks for collecting devices can be taken out for disinfection.

13. built-in contaminated tanks

14. cotton cup

15. Luxury doctor stool can go and down 360 degree rotation

16. LCD intelligent controller system

a) With self test function, power off automatically after 4 hours no operation

b) pre-heater time can be shown, adjustable 3S-20S

c)  spray gun  working condition presentation 1, 2, 3, 4

d)  3 levels of brightness

f)  can set 2 groups of different memory

g)  Power saving model( for 1 hour)

h)  Compressor intelligent electricity off protection




Patient Chair

Model: LT-ENT250


Foot switch: 1

Backrest can backwards to 180°

The foot cushion able to lay up

Three colors: light blue, ivory, dark green

Electro motor movement

Vertical adjustment 16

Swiveling and lockable upper part

Synchronized adjustment

between foot rest and back rest to horizontal position

Armrest of integral foam

Base plate 64

Lock for head rest












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