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  • Hospital digital Spirometer home medical use desktop espirometro
Hospital digital Spirometer home medical use desktop espirometro

Hospital digital Spirometer home medical use desktop espirometro

  • Hospital digital Spirometer
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  • desktop espirometro
  • Product description: Hospital digital Spirometer home medical use desktop espirometro

Factory Medical Convective Warming System single use disposable warming blanket Medical Heating Blanket device

Hospital digital Spirometer home medical use desktop espirometro

Model: LTS-SP100




SP100 Spirometer is a portable lung function testing device, which mainly used to examine lung function related parameters for patients. It can be applied to various environments such as in hospitals, clinics, etc. And it is also suitable for communities, schools, factories and other places to conduct epidemiological investigation, health examination, occupational disease screenings.



·       Measurement of Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), Vital Capacity (VC/SVC), maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV) and relevant functions, more than 50 parameters can be measured and displayed; for several times of measurement, the optimal result will be displayed; the condition of subject can be shown by the ratio of the measured value and the predicted value.

·       Measurement parameters:
Forced Vital Capacity (FVC): FVC,FEV1,PEF,FEV1%,(FEV1/FVC),FEF25,FEF50,FEF75, FEF2575,FEV1/VC,FEV6,FEV1/FEV6,ELA,FET,EVOL,FIVC,FIV1,FIV1/FIVC,PIF,MVV,etc. Vital Capacity (VC/SVC): VC,IC,ERV,IRV,EVC,IVC,TV,VE,RR,tI,tI/tE,tE,TV/tI,tI/ttot Maximum Ventilatory Volume (MVV): MVV

·       Real-time display respiration waveform:Flow-Volume loop and Volume-Time curve chart;

·       7" color LCD touch screen, buttons can be operated along with touch screen;

·       Incentive animation operation guide, easy for the use between children and the old;

·       Built-in thermal printer, reports can be printed directly;

·       BTPS automatic correction function, compensate for the impact of environmental differences;

·       Test time and environment temperature display;

·       Calibration function, ensure measurement accuracy;

·       Multiple predicted value can be selected, suitable for different population;

·       Storage of more than 10,000 groups of data;

·       Lung age estimation function;

·       Built-in lithium battery, supports both of AC and DC.4088524[1].jpg


Portable handheld digital color display blue tooth Spirometer home medical use  desktop espirometro

Model: LTS-LA3



Conform to ATS and ERS standards.
Standardized prediction value for different ethnic groups.
Built-in bronchial dilation and provocation test modules.
Vivid stimulation animation, good guide and introduction for small age patients.
High precision differential pressure flow sensor combines with high efficiency filter can avoid cross
contamination and give effective protection.
More than 100 test parameters, fully meet the daily requirements and academic research requirements.


COPD patients or borderline patients. PFT can detect COPD 5-10 years earlier than other
methods such as X- ray, blood gas analysis and so on.
Patients with bronchial asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis and
pneumoconiosis or tuberculosis, require diagnosis and efficacy evaluation.
Patients with chronic cough.
Patients with dyspnea or chest tightness.
Long-term smoking or passive smokers.
People under a polluted environment (live or work in a dusty environment).
Patients require general anesthesia surgery, chest surgery and other surgeries (50 years above).
Patients with symptoms such as cough or phlegm.
Physical examination.
Management of patients with bronchiectasis treatment.
For damage determination and compensation inspection.



Sensor type: Differential pressure sensor
Volume range: 0~16L
Flow range: 0~16L/s
Volume accuracy :+-3% or 50 mI
Flow accuracy:+-5% or 200 ml
Airway resistance: <0.15 kPa/L ./s
PC communication : USB
Bronchodilator test : Supported
Bronchial challenge test : Supported
Pediatric incentive : Supported





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